Proposal for Plimsoll Gallery garden entry, a component of The Plimsoll Inquiry, Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania, 2013. Rebecca Stevens and Amanda Shone

We (Bec Stevens and Amanda Shone) approached this project engaging with one of  the initiating queries of  The PlimsolI Inquiry – Why don’t people visit the Plimsoll Gallery?’ It’s on the waterfront where visitors pass by, it shows high calibre artists & it’s part of the art school?  As past students, we had both exhibited our honours submissions in this space, but had otherwise limited engagement. After spending time in the gallery discussing the space we reflected on how obscure, uninviting and hostile the galley felt. We contacted the architect, Gary Forward, and met to discuss the building plans and original design intentions. This led to engaging and collaborating with a Feng Shui expert  Vicki  Sauvage who conducted readings of the space, and suggested alterations that would improve the galleries negative readings. Our work resulted in a series of  re-imagined interventions that responded to both Gary and Vicki’s insights