Do I need previous experience in art to undertake this course?
NO definitely not. This course is aimed to give you a head start for study in creative practice – so you know what is expected when you enter into the art world.
Do I need to attend all the classes?
Everyone is really busy and getting 5 days a row off is hard, but we prefer if you can free up the 5 days to be able to appreciate the full course
Is this an online course?
The first 4 days (February 1st-4th 9.30 – 3-pm) will be delivered by ZOOM so you can do it from home, however, COVID permitting we will have a big final day (Friday 5th February) at the Geelong Gallery and Platform Arts – as well as a picnic in Johnstone park
What happens if I can’t attend class?
While we prefer you to attend each day – life often throws things at us so that occasionally we can’t turn up. We will be posting out a comprehensive workbook that will guide you to each day’s activities and we will be in touch with you individually throughout the course and can direct you.
How much does it cost?
$30 + GST for the 5 days – with this you get a handmade journal/workbook delivered by post to your house, prizes and one on one feedback and assistance. There will be a publication produced at the end of the program that will feature your own contributions
Are there going to be further, more advanced classes?
YES- depending on your feedback – new courses will be tailored and designed to what is needed in the community
I have been making art for years as a hobby- is this worth doing?
You will see how you can shift your art-making practice into a whole new direction that is more engaged with current contemporary practice
Is this course just for older people?
COVID has been a pretty tough time for everyone – particularly if you face redundancy or your job has just disappeared – the demographics most affected are older women and young people. There is a super valuable career pathway for those who have to start or rebuild their careers from scratch – a creative art degree can offer you a new way of thinking about the world and your place in it. Art is a career that can last well into your 90s – Careers in science, IT or nursing often take a lifetime to build the skills needed for a career profile – in the arts, you can start straight away, whether you are 18 or 60
Is this just about tertiary art degrees or do you discuss TAFE and private tutoring?
Going to university (or a similar high-level programed institution) is the best way to get an all-rounded education in creative arts – the reason we encourage this it is that you develop highly tuned intellectual skills that help you transfer ideas and practice along with critical thinking about art and its wider implications in our global world. There are a lot of courses you can do both online and through vocational institutions that just give you practical technical education and these are great, but if you want more intellectual stimulation then a university degree (or similar) is generally better.
Is there a practical component where we will draw or paint?
YES – we will be working on a 5-day public art project that will involve drawing sculpture, photography, writing, poetry and performance. Strap yourselves in – you are in for a treat. The journal/workbook is specifically laid out for you to draw each day.
Do you recommend a specific university?
NO- there are a number of great options in Victoria, nationally and overseas- we will show you how to research an institution based on what we discuss with you in the project and your interests. There will be time set aside to fashion your career direction with us as a collaborating group.

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